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November 26, 2019
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September 17, 2019
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On the Boundary of Two Worlds

DnC is a dance duo composed of two performing artists from Toronto whose mission is to celebrate different cultures through the universal art form of dance.

Part of our goal was to create a new logo that can be adapted to different workshops, performances and dance programs and clearly illustrate how these activities bring diverse members of the community together.

We immersed ourselves in the world of modern dance and partner with DnC to develop a visual identity concept that reaffirms the art of dance as a form of cultural heritage.

A sum greater than its parts

As DnC is active in cultural centres, schools and communities, we needed to develop a symbol that would resonate with distinct audiences and expresses the connection that unifies different cultures through the medium of modern dance.

Using clean geometric shapes to represent the company’s initials and a bright colour palette, to communicates passion and diversity, we developed an abstract representation of DnC’s mission, encouraging viewers to make their own connections.

The final logo comes in six different colours combinations, so that it suits all programs, events and experiences DnC offers and could also be used as a symbol for cultural diversity for different community development projects.

Human-centred design

During our strategy session, we uncovered that one of the main reasons why people like to participate in DnC’s events and workshops is the community created around the project itself.

The creative concept for the logo became the core of the visual identity.

The two half discs, derived from a geometric representation of the initials D and C, represent the community that exists among its members. This idea is at the heart of every campaign, medium through which DnC will communicate.

Bringing the brand’s identity to life

The marriage of this contemporary symbol with photography of dancers performing modern dance movements, formed the foundation of the new identity system and the creative directions for different printed material concepts that ranged from posters, banners, to identification badges for the future events.

Diversity through modern dance

We worked closely with DnC’s passionate team to develop a new visual identity that communicates their visions to empower and connect Toronto’s neighborhoods and communities.

We’re excited to see how their actions will inspire pride and community connections through the evolving art form of modern dance and help Toronto’s diversity shine.

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