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September 17, 2019
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October 9, 2019
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A New Conscious Beauty Collection

MaMe is a conscious beauty line of organic, natural and eco-friendly skin care products that reveal the beauty of every woman, and encourage them to make healthy and responsible choices.

MaMe’s founder came to us looking for a strong identity system with a clear purpose, that would be consistent and memorable; and a packaging design for the new collection: Jungle.

We partner with the team to reimagine the brand identity to make the products stand out and outshine the competition on the store shelves.

Helping consumers make better decisions

The company’s rebrand was an opportunity to refocus its visual identity to align with its new line of natural beauty products and connect with an audience respectful both of their inner beauty and of the beauty of the world surrounding them.

We used illustrations, photography, abstract organic shapes patterns and a vibrant colour palette to communicate MaMe’s unique voice and prepare the brand to compete in the competitive skin care products market.

The design thinking framework

To reimagine MaMe’s branding in a way that truly resonates with the clean beauty movement, we worked closely with the founder to (redefine) reshape the brand identity, without compromising the essence of the brand.

During our design strategy phase, we challenged the assumptions and conducted extensive target audience and market research to understand the consumers' concern surrounding ingredients in skin care products, and provide a creative solution for the brand identity refresh.

We developed a new identity system to better reflects the brand’s core values as its story unfolds across all customer touchpoints, from product labels to packaging, print collateral and website to social media platforms.

Introducing the new collection: Jungle

The packaging for the new line of products is designed to differentiate itself from other beauty line collections and attract customers’ attention with a high visibility on shelf.

Through playful illustrations, dynamic patterns and a bright colour palette the new system unifies and freshens up the brand's look and feel.

Ready to fly off the shelf

As part of the visual identity system, we conceptualized a website design to reflect the new brand direction and promote the launch of MaMe’s most recent line of organic skin care products: Jungle.

The refreshed visual language is vibrant and playful, designed to be instantly recognizable, and reinforces the brand’s purpose and values, appealing not only to consumers but also to beauty salons, retailers and providers.

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